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videos on providing pollinator habitat

Oregon’s land base is roughly 50% forest, so it's only natural that we consider forests in pollinator conservation efforts, particularly those related to native bees. New research in Pacific Northwest forests indicates high bee abundance and diversity, especially in intensively managed forests and forests damaged by wildfire. There are over 500 native bee species in Oregon, and over 100 of those visit our forests. We are still learning a lot about native bees in our forests, but aims to share what we know and opportunities to help forest owners and managers:
  • Recognize native bee habitats.
  • Protect or improve bee habitat within the course of regular, common forest management activities.
  • Provide bee habitat through active as well as passive management.
  • Add bee habitat to forgotten places such as roads, landings, skid trails, fences, along buildings, under utility poles, and other open spaces.

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