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The Oregon Bee Project is making it easier than ever to find the resources you need to make informed decisions when it comes to pesticides and pollinators, whether making pesticide applications, in a garden, urban, or agricultural setting. In 2017, the Oregon Department of Agriculture registered over 13,000 pesticide products for distribution and use within the state. During the same year, there were over 13,500 pesticide applicators licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which does not include homeowners or other people making pesticide applications that do not require a state pesticide applicator license.
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Pesticides pose risk to bees and other non-target organisms, and that risk is magnified when the proper precautions outlined on all pesticide labels are not followed.  The Oregon Bee Project is working on several initiatives to ensure that pesticide applicators are better informed about the pesticides they are using and the potential risks those products pose to bees with all the different pesticide products available and the number and diversity of pesticide applicators in mind.One initiative, led by OSU Pollinator Health, Oregon State Beekeepers Association, and Oregon Department of Agriculture, is to increase trainings and create new training materials in the state. With a goal of reducing potential pesticide exposure to bees at and beyond the site of application, the Oregon Bee Project is creating learning opportunities for pesticide applicators as part of existing licensing procedures. The new content includes information about how pesticide exposure can occur, and pesticide properties like residual toxicity.

are you someone who is...

  • Buying, applying, or supervising the use of Restricted Use Pesticides?
  • Advising others on the use of Restricted Use Pesticides?
  • Applying pesticides to someone else’s property (private or public land)?
  • Applying pesticides as a public employee using machine-powered equipment and/or applying Restricted Use Pesticides?
  • Applying pesticides on school propertie?
If you said yes to any of the above, you need a license. Find out more about licensing information at   

resources for pesticide applicators

Farm Applicators


Horticultural industries

Vector and Mosquito Control

Vegetation Management


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