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the herb pharm

Founded in 1979, the Herb Pharm grows a wide variety of herbs for tinctures. As the farm grew, they began planting new species allowing for more crop diversity. With the vast array of herbs and flowers, they are uniquely equipped to provide much needed habitat for native bees. By providing bee forage that blooms from spring to early winter, Herb Pharm is able to support a broad array of pollinator species.
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The Durants moved to this property in the late 1960’s and soon after began growing wine grapes. In 2005, the Durants planted a 17-acre olive grove and the area that was once used to raise sheep and grow garlic is now home to an olive mill, plant nursery, and gift shop. Today, they now have over 65 acres of wine grapes including several different varieties, 17 acres of olive groves including 8 different varieties, and several other acres of natural spaces including gardens. They are currently the largest olive grove in the state and have the only commercial olive mill in the state.
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Sunshower Hill Farm is a small family farm located in Yamhill County. When the Solmonssons originally purchased the land in 1999, it was primarily a cherry and walnut orchard. Today, it is a small family farm which grows cherries, raspberries, and various herbs for local tea consumption. Sunshower Hill farm provides a diverse selection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers which provides native bees with abundant forage.
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Since 2000, Pam and Michael Arion have owned the land where Tanager Farm is located. The farm, located just east of the Sandy River, received its name from the Blue Grey Tanager bird. Different from most farms, the Arions have been stewarding their land to various CSA farmers. Over the years, the farm has been producing various vegetables, herbs, flower seed, and honey.
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Founded in 2017 by Fonta and Matthew Molyneaux and nestled against the Cascade Mountains in Dorena, Wild Everlasting Farm has been making a positive impact across their community in regards to pollinators. Whether it is educating the community on the benefits of bees, or creating habitat for native pollinators, the Molyneauxs are doing a lot to help protect species native to Oregon. This is a special place for bees. A place where the relationship between plants, pollinators, and people can be explored.
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Willow Bar Farms

Since its inception in 2015, Willow Bar Farm has grown at a steady pace allowing farmers to lease and cultivate their land. Current partner Bee and Bloom is working to educate beekeepers and anyone who wants to learn more about pollinators. They also keep honey bees and produce honey and beeswax products. Fox and Bear is another partner who currently produces all of the vegetables on the property. Together they are working to create an area where pollinators can thrive.
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